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Seascape And What Makes It Special - A Moment Of Gratitude

Seapointe Village

From the moment we walked into 708 South Beach for the first time, we knew it was special. The views are breathtaking, the layout of the unit is comfortable, and the community of Seapointe is beyond impressive! It's like living at the Ritz Carlton all year long! The resort is well maintained all year, with landscaping that makes some hotels and country clubs look bad. Aside from the beautifully maintained gardens, the amenities of Seapointe are maintained equally well. The grills look brand new (many are and are cleaned every day), the pools are always clean and welcoming, the tennis courts and basketball courts have been resurfaced and the parking garages are spotless. But by far the best part of Seapointe Village is it's people. One of the common threads of feedback I receive from renters is how nice everyone is at Seapointe and it's true - it's a community of great people. We felt that the first time we walked into resort and we've felt it ever since. From the helpful maintenance staff, to the security guards that keep us safe and always help out when they can to the residents and the guests at Seapointe - I haven't run into anyone that wasn't nice or helpful.


Of course I'm biased when I talk about our unit but I believe our unit has one of the best views at Seapointe. Located on the top floor of the South Beach building it has sweeping views of the Atlantic to the Bay. Many units in Seapointe will offer a view in some form, some directly facing the ocean and others a sliver of the ocean. But at Seascape, we have expansive views of both the Atlantic and the Bay with views all the way down to Cape May. In the fall, the sun heats up the balcony and you will often find us out there with no jacket or sweater enjoying a glass of wine as we take in the salt air and the beautiful views of the ocean and watch the dolphins swim past. It's an amazing feeling!

When we purchased Seascape in September of 2020, we knew we wanted to up date it so we started with painting the unit and then worked our way across starting with the second bedroom, over to the living room and dining room and finally to the master bedroom. Over the last 10 months we have made significant investments into the unit including fully remodeling it and upgrading the water heater so that guests were never left with a cold shower. The remodeling efforts included

  1. Painting the both bedrooms, the living room and the dining room

  2. New furniture into the living room, dining room, and master bedroom

  3. New ceiling fans into the master room and the living room to pull in that salt air

  4. New lighting in the dining room, living room and master room

  5. New area rugs in the living room and dining room

  6. New 50 inch TVs in the master room and the living room

  7. Adding a Netflix account

  8. New linens in both of the bedrooms along with new decor

  9. New pots and pans in the kitchen

  10. New appliances including new vacuums', a new kitchen aid mixer, toaster oven, toaster, Kuerig, and Brita filter as well as other new kitchen tools, pans and accessories

  11. New Alen BreathSmart Air purification system to help minimize risks to our guests

  12. New King size mattress in the master bedroom

We continue to plan further upgrades into 2022 including new carpeting in the bedrooms, new entry lock system and a few other projects that are being confirmed (we'll announce throughout the year). We continue to put money into the unit because our guests comfort and experience is important to us. We want the unit to feel fresh, relaxing and comfortable. We always ask guests for feedback upon departure for anything we can do differently or better so that we are always adding to the experience and looking for ways to improve it.

The Seascape Difference

We try hard to make sure those in our community feel connected, heard and most of all helped. While we wish we could host everyone that was interested in our unit, we only have this one property (for now :)) and we do our best to help those that we can't accommodate find another option within Seapointe. For those that stay at Seascape, I believe they will find that we have a high level of commitment to them as our guest. We work hard for those that trust us with their vacations to make sure that everything is to their satisfaction and should there be any issues, that they are resolved quickly and to the guest's satisfaction. We work hard to put together helpful resources for guests to make planning easier. We've created a blog to help push information out to our community and we are starting to build relationships within other businesses in the local area to help provide exclusive discounts to those that stay with us. We've also recreated the welcome packet to make it interactive and informative since most people use their phones these days for communication. At Seascape, we are always pushing the envelope to make it the best possible experience for our guests and those in our community.

We hope that as a member of this community you have found the information we have provided to be helpful and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to improve, we are all ears. We love feedback and we do read everything that is submitted. One of the things I look forward to the most when we get to Seascape is reading all of the wonderful messages our guests leave for us. It's so heartwarming to sit on the balcony feeling grateful to be there and then even more grateful for the many memories that other families were able to build together in that same place.

If you are ever interested in staying with us, please reach out. We will do our best to accommodate your request and if we can't, I can promise you that we will help you. At the end of the day, we don't want to push clients away but rather we want them to be happy. Hopefully, they will be happy at Seascape but ultimately if we can't accommodate, we want them to be happy at Seapointe. Seapointe is such a unique place, filled with beauty, amazing amenities and lots of great people. We want others to be able to experience it too! And in the end, hopefully the positive experience will make guests we were not initially able to accommodate come back the following year to try and book with us.

We hope this was another helpful post and welcome you to share any thoughts or feedback below! We love hearing from you all!

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