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Ocean View Dining without the Expense

Do you want ocean view dining without the wait or the cost? Dine in at Seascape and enjoy the views from your private dining room or balcony! If you are planning a trip to Seapointe this summer and want some ideas for things to make or places to order from, here are a few of our favorites!


We put together a prep sheet for our guests to help with ideas on meals and ingredients to order. Inside you will find several of our favorite beach recipes for lunch and dinner as well as a coordinating shopping list for ingredients. If you do plan on making meals, we highly suggest ordering from Aldi or Walgreens and having them deliver to your unit. It makes unpacking the car so much easier! When we did a price compare of the delivery options, we found that Aldi had the most competitive prices. If you are staying at Seascape and want to know if we have a specific item that you will need to make your favorite recipe, you can check out our vacation packing list suggestion guide or just message me directly and I'd be happy to help.

Meal Prep Suggestions 2022
Download PDF • 348KB


If you are staying at Seascape for vacation, it's incredibly likely you are going to want to order out at least once. Here is a list of a few places that we enjoy ordering from - making life so easy when vacationing!

Breakfast Options

Sun'z Up Cafe is a cute little breakfast spot located in the Crest only a couple minutes away from Seapointe. The staff is super nice, the prices are reasonable and the food is good. We always get their breakfast sandwiches and home fries. If you are staying in the off season, Sun'z Up is open for most of the year for you to enjoy. I don't believe they deliver but you can pick it up and still make it home while it's hot for a perfect breakfast on the balcony.

Britton's has the best apple fritters and donuts!! They are cash only so remember to bring some but their prices are reasonable and the food is amazing!! The donuts melt in your mouth especially if you get there early while they are still warm! No delivery though so you will have to get up early and get in line to enjoy these Island favorites!

If you are in the mood for a great NJ bagel - this is the place! They have a wide variety of bagel types as well as spreads. If you want a breakfast sandwich, you will not be disappointed. The best part - they deliver!

Lunch/Dinner Options

Poppi's Brick Oven Pizza is a family owned restaurant in Wildwood that has fantastic pizza and sandwiches and they deliver! But even better than the pizza is the dessert!! If you order from Poppi's don't forget about dessert and go for the Angioletti (deep-fried homemade pizza dough strips drizzled with nutella and topped with powdered sugar). It's amazing!!!! Remember, you are on vacation so no diets here! ;)

If you haven't had a Primo's Hoagie, I have to recommend you try one before you leave. The rolls make it! They are absolutely the best hoagie around (in my humble opinion anyway ;)) What makes it even better? They deliver to Seapointe so you can order hoagies while sitting on the beach and have them delivered. It makes for a great beach picnic!

If you are looking for a traditional Italian sit down meal, I would highly recommend Alfe's in North Wildwood. Expect to be there for a while (so don't go starving) as this is a traditional Italian experience with several courses, a Sorbet pallet cleanser in between and large portions. If you do decide to try it, make sure to leave room for dessert because the Cannoli's are amazing. Homemade and not too sweet, they are perfectly paired with a nice cup of dark roast coffee after dinner! Down side is that there is no delivery but you can always order take out!

The Crest Tavern has great burgers and pub food. They don't deliver but they are within walking distance to Seapointe so it's a quick drive to pick up the food and bring it back to Seapointe.

Carini's is a great Italian restaurant two blocks from Seapointe. You can walk and enjoy a meal there or have it delivered to the condo. Our favorite is the chicken parm with vodka sauce! Portions are huge and everything is homemade! If you are going to be at Seapointe for a week or more, we recommend getting a tray of the lasagna! It's amazing and will last for a few days!

Our absolute favorite place to go when we are at Seascape - Willow Creek Winery. It's a great place to go and grab a flight of wine and just relax without the kids but it's equally as nice to bring the kids (and still enjoy that flight) and have lunch there. They will often have live music and craft vendors set up and the kids are welcome to play in the vineyard outside while they wait for their food to come. If you decide to go, my personal recommendation is the pork bbq on a pretzel roll. It's out of this world with the smoky flavor and the habanero bbq sauce! Our kids favorite - the Bavarian Pretzel! No delivery though but you can pick up and bring it back. The drive is about 15 minutes from Seapointe.

A short 15 minute drive up to North Wildwood is Owen's Pub and one of our favorite places to order from. Their prime rib sandwiches are so good and the prices are even better! Check out their weekly dine in specials for even greater savings. You won't be disappointed with their food, the prices or the service. The wait staff is incredibly nice and always so helpful!

And if none of these appeal to you, check out our list of family friendly restaurants for a more complete list of options on the Island. Of course, there is always Gold Belly too and you can have food from anywhere shipped to your door!

For additional recommendations, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help you! If you have recommendations you would like to share, feel free to comment below!

Whether you are ordering in or cooking in the room, you will enjoy a private dinner together with expansive views that can't be beat!

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