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Grocery Delivery Options

If you are thinking about having groceries delivered to you while on vacation, you have a few options in Wildwood. Acme, Shoprite, Aldi and Walmart all deliver to your door. So, how do you pick which is the best? We can start be exploring the prices first.


I made a list of some of our staples when we travel and did a price to price comparison of each between the stores. I tried to keep it as exact as possible with brand and size. The cells highlighted in yellow is where an alternative brand needed to be used but the size and product were the same. As you can see, Acme was much more expensive than the rest for the exact same list of items. I was surprised to see how cheap Aldi was so I think I will try them next! Lots of great organic and natural items to chose from at really reasonable prices.

Delivery and Service Fees

ShopRite and Aldi are both powered by Instacart and are offering free delivery and a free item (from a list of options) on your first order over $10, however, they attach a service fee of about 7% to your order to support the platform. This is in addition to any tip that you leave for the driver. Acme surprisingly only had a $3.95 delivery fee with no other charges. Again, this does not include any tip to the driver. Walmart's delivery charge was the highest at $7.95 but they do offer free delivery with their subscription plan of $98/annually. Given that rate though, you would need to be ordering from Walmart fairly regularly to make that worth it as you would wouldn't break even until 8 deliveries were made. And like the others, this does not include any tips to the drivers. Instacart also offers a subscription fee for free delivery and a reduced service fee of $99/year.

Delivery Times and Options

All four had delivery options daily up to around 8pm at night but Aldi, Shoprite and Acme had extended hours until 10pm at night. A neat feature of Aldi and Shoprite since they are both powered by Instacart is that you can shop at both stores and have it delivered in one order and only have one bill. The carts are combined so if one store doesn't have what you are looking for, you can shop at the other store but it's still all one order. Instacart also offers delivery from CVS, Walgreens, Five and Below (great if you forgot beach toys/pool toys), and Bed Bath and Beyond.

While I have been a fan of Walmart's service for a while now, I may be trying Aldi next due to their selection and prices and the flexibility to order from multiple stores to further save money. All options deliver to your door so convenience is not a differentiator. If you have had experience with any of these options or know of additional grocery delivery options in Wildwood, comment below and we will add them to our list.

Thanks for reading - we hope you found this information helpful!

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