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Give the Gift of Time this Holiday Season

Thinking about a unique and special holiday gift for your spouse, your parents, your siblings? What about the gift of time? Time at the beach together making memories. Time together enjoying a special meal in Cape May. Time together walking the beaches and taking in the salt air that only the shore can offer? Time is one thing that can't be bought and we'll never get more of it. Take advantage of the time you have now together and enjoy it together. Just dropped the kids off at college? Maybe plan a weekend away with them over their holiday break so that you have one on one time? Maximize that time you do have with your children and your loved ones. It's one thing you'll never regret!

Seascape is a great place to escape to for a few days or a week. There is plenty to do in the off season and plenty to keep you busy for a weekend getaway! Here are some ideas -

Mommy Me Getaway

  • Bake holiday cookies together in the full size kitchen at Seascape Diamond Beach

  • Walk the beach looking for seashell treasures

  • Enjoy some hot chocolate and smores by the fire side at the year round fire pits

  • Go for a swim at the indoor pool

  • Head over to the Alpaca Farm or the Cape May Zoo and say hi to all the animals

  • Play on the private play ground at Seapointe or volley a few tennis balls

Parent and Older Child

  • Head to the wineries and enjoy fire pit Fridays at Willow Creek or crushpad Saturdays at Hawk Haven Winery

  • Get massages at Reeds Spa in Stone Harbor

  • Head over to Washington Street Mall in Cape May or the stores in Stone Harbor for a little shopping time

  • Take a trolley tour in Cape May or go on a house tour

  • Head over to Island Studios in Stone Harbor and do some painting together

Traveling with Older Parents

  • Enjoy time on the balcony together with a cup of team or a glass of wine

  • Go for walks on the beach

  • Walk the bird sanctuary and feel the serenity of it all

  • Sit by the camp fire and enjoy each other's company

  • Head over to the hot tub in the indoor pool and relax on the colder days

  • Book dinner reservations at a nice restaurant in Cape May

  • Enjoy a meal (or two) by the water

Going with Siblings

  • Any of the above. :)

  • Ride bikes

  • Drink wine together on the balcony reminiscing of the 'good ole days'

  • Head over to the fire pits and relax fireside

Want more ideas of things to do at the shore in the off season - check out this list of activities that we have posted on our website.

Looking for more holiday specific events - check out the list of events by weekend throughout November and December for upcoming holiday themed events in and around Cape May.

No matter when you plan to travel to the shore - spring, summer, fall or winter - there is always something to do. Sometimes that something is doing nothing at all and that's okay too! That's what 'escaping' is all about sometimes. So why not escape to the Cape and stay at Seascape Diamond Beach? We have availability if you are interested in booking.

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