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Calling all tired parents!

The impact of the changes we have experienced over the last 18 months in many ways have yet to really be identified or felt. For me personally, I went from traveling every month for work to not leaving my home except to run errands locally. At first that was great! I loved not traveling (hated the idea of losing my airline and hotel status but loved the idea of not going to another airport for a long time!). Now, 18 months later, I sit here and actually miss traveling. I miss the interaction and the break that it gave me from all of my other work as a parent to two young girls and two dogs and a spouse. I miss having that alone time even if just for a few days. It was enough of a reset for me to keep me going. If you can relate at all, maybe consider a mid week escape to Seascape Diamond Beach.

We talk a lot about self care and how important it is but it's more than just getting your nails or hair done. It's about doing things that make you happy and give you energy. It's about taking the time to self reflect and pause for a few moments and allow yourself to just be without having to worry about anyone else. It's about spending the day reading or binge watching Netflix or baking alone and then eating those brownies by yourself (:)) It's about reconnecting with yourself so that you can be better to those around you.

I decided to take a few days to myself this month and head to Seascape ALONE (Yeah!!) and just reset. I haven't traveled for work in almost 2 years now so this is my first "work" trip since Covid. I plan on working while I'm there and I also plan on making this a monthly practice until I am actually back on the road again for work. If you are at all struggling or in a similar place, I encourage you to at least think about a trip by yourself. Give yourself that time alone to reset, reflect and just be. We offer midweek specials if you want to escape during the week and work remotely for a few days or just totally shut down and relax.

Take this time to pamper yourself and get a massage or facial while you are at Seascape! If you are concerned there won't be anything to do, check out this list of holiday events in Cape May County and the restaurants that are open year round. And for those of you like me that just want to sit on the balcony and enjoy the quiet - it's always open! The pool and indoor hot tub are also quite nice as well as just sitting fireside with a glass of wine. With the gorgeous weather we have been having, you are bound to see someone and maybe you'll get to meet someone new and share some wine with them too!

Time is one thing we will never get more of so take the time now to relax and enjoy some "Me" time at the shore! For rates and availability, please reach out to me.

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