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Biking in Wildwood

The Jersey shore is a great place to bike around town. It's flat terrain makes it easy for all skill levels to get around and with all of the bike paths, the boardwalk and the side streets, there are lots of options for places to bike to.

Places to Rent a Bike

If you are like our family, there is no room in the van to also bring down bikes to the beach. Between the 10 totes, 15 bags of beach toys, the chairs, the extras and then the kids - there is literally no room for anything else. So that leaves only one option for biking - to rent one. There are lots of options to chose from - surreys, twin bikes, single bikes, reclined bikes. And probably just as many rental options. But here are a few that we like which are along the bike paths.

Located at 500 East Heather Road, Crest Bike Rental offers free delivery anywhere in the Crest if you want to rent for several days or a full week. If you are looking for a daily rental, they can accommodate that too. Prices start at $12/single bike for 1 1/2 hours and then go up to $65 for 90 minutes for a triple bench surrey. Depending on what you are looking for, Crest Bike Rental can help. They also have a nice selection of kids bikes as well as trailers and bike seats for the younger kids. Just remember your cash as this is a cash only business. They do have an ATM on site if you forget but try to remember so that you don't have to pay that extra fee! :)

Located one block from the boardwalk in front of Ocean Towers, Greens has a large supply of bikes to chose from. We have been renting from Green's for as long as I can remember and they have always been pleasant to do business with and take great care of their bikes. If you are looking to ride on the boardwalk, this is the place to rent from. They are also now offering FREE delivery and pickup on all weekly rentals in the Wildwoods!!

Located in Wildwood, Zippy's offers beach cruisers, road bikes, full sized 3 wheeled Tricycles, Kids Bikes of all sizes and Ebikes. Rent for $25/day (no hourly options) or $30/overnight. Don't have cash? No worries, Zippy's takes credit cards.

Located at 500 E. Rambler, at the beginning of the bike path, D R Bradley has a large selection of bikes for all ages and skill level. We have rented from them a few times and what I liked the most was that they were located near the playground and splash pad so after a long bike ride on the boardwalk, I could stop and the kids could play on the playground before returning the bike.

Located the closest to Seapointe Village, Harbor Lights offers a small selection of Surreys and single bikes. If you want to rent a bike for an hour or two and explore Diamond Beach or the Bird Sanctuary, this is the place to rent from. Take a tour around town and then return your bike and get an ice cream cone at their creamery for the walk back to Seapointe. Prices are very reasonable too - $8.50/hour for singles and $20/hour for the smaller surrey's. No cash? Not a problem here - they take credit cards to make it easy. For a complete price list, please check out their website.

Places to Bike

So now that you have figured out where you want to rent from, you need to decide where you want to bike.

Wildwood Boardwalk

The Wildwood Boardwalk offers 2 miles (4 miles round trip) of boards to bike on. Along with the people watching (which I enjoy), you have amazing views of the water along the entire path! Stop and enjoy breakfast at Seaport Pier in North Wildwood or grab a coffee at Dunkin - it's one our favorite things to do early in the morning when we are in Wildwood! We've also called ahead and ordered take out from Doo Wop (highly recommend) and taken it home to eat since the bikes all have baskets. You may bike on the boardwalk until 11am. (10:30am on weekends)

Wildwood has done a great job installing bike paths that run along the beaches in Wildwood Crest. They are wide, clean and easy to ride one. The path starts at Rambler Rd. (at D R Bradley Bike Rental) and go up to Cresse Ave where it meets the Boardwalk. A favorite stop along this route - Bagel Time Cafe. Love their breakfast sandwiches! Great spot to ride up to, grab a sandwich, ride back and enjoy the sandwich while the kids play on the playground.

Cape May Bird Sanctuary

Located only two blocks from Seascape, the Cape May Bird Sanctuary provides a 2 mile loop that you can bike or hike while taking in the natural beauty of the island. The best place to rent from if you want to explore here is Harbor Lights.


So if you want to bike at the shore, you have plenty of options to chose from. If you want to price compare, we've made it easy for you. Here is a side by side comparison of options.

If you are staying with us and would like help coordinating any activities, please reach out. We are happy to do whatever we can to help make our guests vacations with us memorable and stress free!

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