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Seapointe - Walkable Activities and Restaurants

Staying at Seapointe Village and don't want to move the car and lose that great parking space? Just not up for loading up and heading out? Here is a great list of places all within walking distance of Seapointe!

Mini Golf, Biking and Ice Cream at Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights offers it all - from mini golf, to biking to ice cream sundaes - they are a great place for family fun. Located only 2 blocks from Seapointe Village on Pacific Ave., they are directly across from the Cape May Bird Sanctuary entrance. It's a great place to rent bikes in the morning and go across the street to the bird sanctuary for a nice 2 mile bike ride. Hike through the beautiful sand dunes and look for all sorts of treasures along the way! Finish up your bike ride with a nice cone of ice cream as you head home to Seapointe! Or head to Harbor Lights after dinner for a great game of mini golf! Wonderful place and equally great staff!!

Cape May Bird Sanctuary

The Cape May Bird Sanctuary is a great place to go to reflect, hike, or just walk through nature. It's beautiful paths lead you over sand dunes out to the beach (beach access is closed between April and October) and through the marsh land. Along the way you are bound to see beautiful birds and creates of nature. The sanctuary offers 2 miles of trails for you to hike, run or walk through. Take off your shoes and hike through the sand dunes or leave them on and walk over the marsh on the trek decking. Located only two blocks south of Seapointe, you won't be disappointed! Regardless of the path you choose, just make the choice to check it out. The serenity and beauty of the place is amazing.

The Grand Scoop

Looking for an after dinner treat? Check out the Grand Scoop located two blocks north of Seapointe at The Grand. They have a a wide variety of flavors, sundaes and milkshakes and the best part is that you can get your ice cream and walk back along the beach stopping to enjoy it while watching the ocean and the moon rise!

The Grand Coffee House

Also located at The Grand is The Grand Coffee House. Looking for a latte in the morning or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to sit on the beach with? Head over to the coffee house and also pick up a breakfast pastry or coffee cake!

Ready for dinner?

There are several great restaurants within walking distance from Seapointe.

If you are looking for a more upscale experience, you may want to consider Coastal Blue located at the Icona Hotel directly next store to Seapointe Village. Reservations are also an option at Coastal Blue.

If you are looking for a less formal dining experience, you may want to check out The Crest Tavern, located three blocks away from Seapointe Village. Offering the works including burgers, sandwiches and salads, they have great food!

If you are in the mood for Italian, check out Carini's. They offer traditional homemade Italian food with traditionally huge Italian portions. Our personal favorite - the chicken parm with vodka sauce! If you want something a bit lighter - check out their pizza!

If you don't want to leave Seapointe at all, check out the Seapointe Deli Hut where they have kids buckets, wraps, salads and sandwiches! A personal favorite - the farmers omelet! So good!!

The Star Beach bar is also only a few steps from Seapointe. Located on the beach in front of the Icona Hotel and offering exceptional water front dining, you can sit and relax with an adult beverage and order your meal while staring out at the Atlantic.

If you are in the mood for some great Jamaican food, check out Jamacia me Hungry located about 3 blocks North from Seapointe on Atlantic Ave. The take reservations as well if you want to plan ahead.

If you are looking for sandwiches for a lunch on the beach or maybe a more casual dinner by the pool, check out South Station Market for hoagies, sandwiches and burgers. Don't forget them for breakfast as well.

There is plenty to do and and places to eat when staying at Seapointe Village. For some additional local attractions, check out our website at and look under guest services. If you have additional recommendations for things to do or places to eat, all within a few blocks of Seapointe Village, drop a comment and we will update the post.


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