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Family Friendly Restaurants

There are so many great food establishments in Wildwood and Cape May that it makes it so hard to choose where to go when you are only going to be at the beach for a week! To help with this, we've put together a list of those restaurants that we have had personal experience with and those that came as recommendations from our community, so that our guests could have all available options in front of them along with ratings to help make the selection process easier.

If you check out the list of restaurants, you will note that we have indicated if the restaurant offers outdoor dining, if they take reservations, what their Trip Advisor rating is and how many miles they are from Seascape (our condo located in Seapointe Village). We have tried to think of everything to help make the decision process easier for our guests.

Now, if you are looking for a few of our recommendations, I would be happy to share those as well. Here is a list of our favorites in no particular order -

  1. Alfe's in North Wildwood - Authentic Italian food, homemade everyday. The chicken parm is my favorite but it's a real rival to their cannoli's for dessert. They do take reservations but even with reservations, be prepared to sit for a while. This is a traditional Italian experience so food doesn't come out super quick - but there is a lot of it when it does! My husband's favorite part - the lemon sorbet they give you to cleanse your pallet in between the first course and your main course. Delicious!

  2. Britton's Gourmet Bakery - If you like apple fritters, these are the absolute best!! They also have amazing donuts and other baked breakfast goods but get there early as they are often sold out by 10 or 11! Also, remember to bring cash - they don't accept credit cards and the ATM fee there is around $3/4 dollars.

  3. Willow Creek Winery - This is a must on our list every time we are at the shore. They are super kid friendly and the food is consistently great! My personal favorite - the pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel roll with habanero BBQ sauce! Amazing!! They also have live music every week as well so the kids can play in the vineyard while you enjoy a flight of wine and then all have dinner together. It's a great experience and very low key.

  4. Merion Inn - If you are looking for a more upscale dining experience but not so formal you can't bring the kids along, check out Merion's Inn. They have a great kids menu and the food is phenomenal. The staff have all been there for quick a while and are so friendly. They do take reservations and unlike Alfe's where you wait a bit in between courses, Merion Inn will get you in and out timely without you feeling rushed.

  5. Exit Zero - If you want a really unique experience, check out Exit Zero in Cape May. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu and if you go, make sure to get the tater tots!! Unbelievable! They recently added several air buses and decorated them each with a unique theme. You can rent these airbuses while you are there and create your own private oasis. They often have live music there as well. The most unique aspect - it's at a gas station!

Well those are a few of our favorites but by no means the exhaustive list. If you are looking for pizza recommendations - our go to is Sam's on the boardwalk. Sorry to you Mack's Pizza fans :). Also if you are booking reservations, don't forget to check out our coupons and deal pages to make sure you are not missing out on some savings!

If you have any other recommendations to this list, please reach out and let us know your experience! We are always looking for new suggestions and recommendations.

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